For 15 years, I’ve helped organizations develop brands, messages, campaigns, and strategies that make a difference for people in communities where they live and work.

No one is untouched by today’s crises. Through it all, nonprofits, businesses, and government leaders rely on targeted communications and fundraising strategies to amplify their message and broaden their impact.

How am I different? I create values-driven campaigns that inspire tolerance, transparency, and positive impact. With a passion for storytelling, I differentiate brands with authentic messaging and content strategies. Key audiences understand WHY they must ACT NOW. 


“Bernadette is deeply and immediately intimate and as real as they come. In fact, she embodies the spirit of coalition – to facilitate the collaboration of diverse groups or interests to align them on a common goal and create action. There is no one I know who is better equipped to accomplish just that.”

  • James Wirth, Organic Search Director

Fundraising, Strategy & Communications Leader.