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I create marketing and communications strategies that change audience behavior. My expertise is developing evidence-based strategies that drive engagement and achieve meaningful results across diverse industries.

Track Record of Success

Since 2005, I’ve helped organizations articulate their vision and drive engagement through impactful storytelling, operational intelligence, and data-informed solutions.

Strategic Communications

Today’s data-driven landscape demands professionals who can nimbly translate metrics into effective strategies. By staying on the leading edge of tech, I’m excited to draw upon a proven track record of bolstering brand reputations and leveraging data, SEO, and AI to stand out among competitors.


I work behind the scenes with teams to providing data-informed leadership while maintaining a focus on leadership goals, reputation management, brand vision, and mission alignment.


With experience crossing many disciplines including grant writing, graphic design, nonprofit management, and legislative advocacy, I’ve discovered innovative approaches to engage stakeholders across the public and private sectors.

I help teams reach sales and development goals using solid KPIs and tactics to ensure campaigns, events, and programs align with strategic plans.

Fundraising, Strategy & Communications Leader.