Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

As a bridge builder, I am committed to equity, diversity and inclusion because I believe equity is fundamentally about listening. I can’t imagine my life or career without the wisdom and fortitude of diverse people, who for generations struggled to obtain things I take for granted every day.

My dedication to building bridges is rooted in experience and trust.

Coming from middle class background, I recognize the considerable resources which enabled me to make strides in my career. My experiences have taught me to understand the unique challenges people face when they’ve experienced trauma, poverty, or a lack of social resources.

I listen and understand the deep roots of problems that manifest for people and social systems when issues are swept under a societal rug. I’ve grown in my passion to make a difference for others because of the support, options and opportunities I’ve had in my family and community.

That’s why I am dedicated to aligning my diverse background and experiences as a strategic marketing, communications and development leader to help erase barriers for people in all walks of life. I’m dedicated to uplifting people who want to contribute meaningfully in their careers and communities. I am committed to addressing systemic and institutional racism, poverty and abuse because I see the compounding issues that result when people are marginalized.

This is why I do my best to listen. I continually work to bring diverse narratives to complex social issues. Acknowledging the complexity of spaces I don’t wholly understand allows a humble and open pursuit of equity in my work. With an inquisitive heart, I am confident in my ability to continue building bridges through storytelling.

There is so much work to be done. My niche is forging the links between diverse communities and representing their authentic voices across many contexts.

I am committed to writing inclusive narratives framed in broad historical contexts because critically relevant, contextual landscapes flourish in equitable and accessible spheres of influence. I’m motivated by larger philosophical, social and cultural questions that defy easy answers because I can’t comprehend simple answers to these questions. By deepening my perspective in these ways, I hope to inspire readers to expand on my work through their own interpretation.

My dream is to change that with words, stories, and diversity

I honor dynamic stories where authentic voices teach me how little I truly know. I find the most provocative questions and broadening perspectives come from an attitude of humility. I aim to deepen my commitment to intellectual curiosity, integrity, and storytelling through my work and actions each and every day.

Fundraising, Strategy & Communications Leader.